Women Take the Trucking Industry by Storm

Now, women are getting into the trucking industry more than ever. While they only make up about 6% of the trucking workforce, the numbers are climbing. One company, Prime, has doubled the number of women in their workforce since 2011. What’s with the steady climb in the number of women truckers? The money and the low barrier for entry, mostly. Becoming a trucker requires some training and a quick CDL test, but does not require extensive schooling, which makes it desirable for someone who is trying to get a good paying job without the time commitment.

In addition to single female drivers, truck driving couples are becoming more and more popular. Women who are retired with an empty nest are hitting the road with their husbands. Trucking couple teams are able to see the country together and make a good salary while they do it. On average, truck drivers are able to make between $45,000 and $50,000 a year. With changes in technology and more safety regulations, women are able to complete the tasks involved with trucking that were difficult to do in the past. With the addition of power steering, no-touch freights, and single-sex showers, women don’t have to worry about as much as they used to.

The trucking industry is welcoming female truckers. In fact, women are encouraged to try out the business. With the shortage of truck drivers increasing every year, the industry says that women could be the key to alleviating the shortage. As the years go on, truck manufacturers are adapting their vehicles to be more managable for women drivers. Soon, it won’t be so rare to see a female behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler!