Is Your Freight Broker the Real Deal?

It’s easy to simply search the internet for a freight broker and go with the first result. However, that can lead to you getting stuck with a broker that isn’t legitimate, that doesn’t take your needs into consideration, and who gives you non-competitive rates.

Want to know how to tell if your freight broker is the real deal? Do some simple research.

Does your freight broker have experience? How long have they been around? If your freight broker has been in the business for a bit, its likely they at least have a grasp of what they’re doing.

Have other people used this broker? Do they have reviews? Do you know anyone that has worked with this broker before? If you can’t find any reviews or anyone else that has used their services, you may be dealing with a bad broker.

Have you talked with someone that works there? If you’re only speaking through email and haven’t spoken to a real person at said brokerage, you may want to turn back. These are financial means, you don’t want to give your information to someone that you’ve never actually spoken with. It’s easy to get scammed, especially over the internet.

Make sure you do your research to find the best freight broker for you. Getting stuck with a bad freight broker can cause so many problems that you could go without.