Improving a Trucker’s Health

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a trucker’s life is about 16 years below the normal life expectancy. With this bleak outlook, due to the health risks that come with the job, truck drivers should use all the resources possible to reverse this unfortunate course.

Tips to improve a trucker’s lifestyle


It’s hard for a trucker to stay healthy due to the lack of exercise available. Try to incorporate 15 minutes of walking at a truck stop to fight this problem.

Eating healthy

Eating healthy is just as important as getting exercise. Try to stock up the fridge in your cab with healthy foods instead of fast food and soft drinks. You can even bring kitchen tools, such as a blender, sauce pan, portable stove, and a slow cooker to cook your own meals.

Healthcare on the road

Since truckers often operate outside of typical business hours, it can be challenging to schedule an appointment at a doctor’s office. Instead, schedule a consult with a board-certified doctor, and he or she can prescribe medication sent to the nearest pharmacy.